Promoting innovation and entrepreneurship to ensure an economic, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable growth in our communities.

labmx is a decentralized non-profit organization made up of citizens committed to a common purpose: give our community people the technology tools needed to solve our society challenges in accordance with the UN objectives for sustainable development.

“We will only secure a prosperous, peaceful and liveable planet if we harness economic growth and development to social solidarity across and between generations.”


1.- Community Skills

Promoting Technology Based Entrepreneurship

We strongly believe that giving the appropriate tools to the right people can create a major impact for our society. For that reason, since 2019 we have partnered with the Harvard University to train our community with the skills required to allow them venture into the fascinating world of Technology Based Entrepreneurship, and allow our citizens to actively participate in the creation of an innovation ecosystem within our cities.


Since 2019, we created an agreement with the Faculty for Public Health from the Harvard University to collaborate in strategic programs in Mexico.

Alongside bringing the expertise of worldwide known and recognized Universities like Harvard, we work with national and local universities to synergize the knowledge ecosystem.

For the matter of having all the players in place we have promoted the participation of public and private institutions, since each of the parts have a very special role in an innovation ecosystem.

  1. 800 trained citizens in technology based entrepreneurship by the Harvard University.
  2. 400 trained faculty and/or scientific related profiles by the Harvard University.
  3. More than 2500 people already registered for the second phase of the program.

2.- Technology Skills

Training Professionals in Transforming Technologies

As a mandatory requirement of an innovation ecosystem is the need to have high skilled experts that can bring to reality any of the business strategies proposed by the entrepreneurs. For that reason, we have partnered with professional training institutions to expedite the "top of the line" skills development among the technology professionals community. Our training efforts have reached more than 300 professionals with a 100% scholarship up to date.


Trained more than 80 professionals with a 100% scholarship in programing languages like PYTHON, REACT, RAILS and others.

Trained more than 50 professionals with a 100% scholarship in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

Trained more than 50 professionals with a 100% scholarship in Virtual and Augmented Realities.

Trained more than 50 professionals with a 100% scholarship in Decentralized Finances and Blockchain Fundamentals.

Trained more than 50 professionals with a 100% scholarship in Decentralized and Blockchain Based Applications Development.

Trained more than 50 professionals with a 100% scholarship in Graphisoft´s BIM workflow.

3.- Collaboration Spaces

Gathering the Innovation Ecosystem Participants

Getting the parts involved and allow them to collaborate under the same roof is a crucial part of the strategy. Multidisciplinary events are key to create the synergy for the parts involved and allow the individual talents co-create and innovate.


Gathering events have allowed us to create the collaboration spaces needed to let the magic happen.

We have hosted yearly  Hackathons and Ideathons since 2014.

our progress

in Numbers


Entrepreneurs trained by the Harvard University in technology based Business Plan development.


Technical Professionals certified in transforming technologies, XR, AI, Blockchain and more.


Researchers trained by the Harvard University in white paper writing and Business Plans reviewing.

COVID-19 Pandemic a new Reality

The Challenge & Opportunities

The Pandemic

The COVID-19 global pandemic quarentine´s measures, have forced the population to move their business and projects to an online version, our project and initiative was not an exemption.

New Paradigm

The World Pandemic new paradigm has required to move our projects to a 95% online version, creating a vast array of new opportunities with the appropriate partners and tools.

New Opportunities

As natural technology believers and promoters, we know this forced online era is establishing new working and collaborating  standards, and will allow our projects to expand their reach and results.

Our third strategy pillar requires us to have a platform allowing us to gather people  online and host events like ideathons and hackathons.

Having a synergy with agorize, could allow us to venture into other projects and open business for your company in the Latin American market.

Some of the Projects and Organizations we have being able to work with:

Partnering with agorize could bring a vast array of new opportunities.


Arturo Sánchez

With more than 25 years of experience in the technology industry, he is a professional characterized as a visionary, strategist with proven skills in the creation and development of new businesses.

Ramón Sánchez

P.H.D. and Research Associate at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, an expert in the development of Innovation Ecosystems, passionate for his work creating high impact social projects.

Efren Monzalvo

Filmmaker & storyteller with  experience understanding and producing content for the creative industry; staying at the forefront in technology and techniques to strengthen and develop ideas, products or services.

Alonso Huerta

National President for the REDNACECYT and Director for the Ministry for Science, Technlogy and Innovation for the State of Hidalgo, a promoter for the knowledge economy and the open innovation.

Rodolfo Ferro

Computer Scientist, expert in the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science fields. Open Data promoter and Hackathon Activist always in favor of the technology communities development.

Mariana Sánchez

Creative Industrial Designer, passionate for the sustainable human centered products and solutions that can solve social problems to the marginated communities. 

Fernanda Sánchez

Creative Artist and Innovator, making use of technology and digital visual arts to articulate communicate and connect experiences, stories and realities.

Guillermo Reyna

Filmmaker, developer & product designer, expert in the creation of digital campaigns, products and strategies. Data analyst in favor of innovation and detection of trends. Passionate for the future, committed with technology and education.

Alma Rangel

Executive Director for Codeando México, a non profit organization promoting the use of public information and creating Open Data projects for governments and institutions across Latin America.

Lander Eguía

Creative technologist and imagineer. Passionate in building interactive experiences using design, storytelling an cutting edge technologies.

Ximena Zahlten

Critical Thinking Pedagogist passionate for the latest theories and techniques of learning, implementing the methodologies required for a better education.

Mauricio Marquez

Director of Strategic Projects at the Council of Science, Technology and Innovation, he is an Industrial Engineer and Specialist in Innovation and Industrial Property from the National Polytechnic Institute.

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labmx brings together organizations and citizens with a technology mindset to create, share knowledge and solve important challenges in our society.

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